2Locos is the premier English and Spanish shopping and lifestyle search engine geared toward serving Latinos in the United States. 2Locos curated content meets the needs and desires of bi-cultural Latinos who are highly underserved online. The company focuses on cultivating a platform that becomes accessible to the fastest growing segment of the market.


2Locos was founded in 2009 by Alec Ghafouri – who previously launched NetClearly, the only print magazine covering the internet at the time, who aspired about serving, curating, and filtering shopping information that could bring value to users. Ghafouri’s interest in the Latino culture allowed him to research and envision the growth and unmet demand within the Latino market. He decided to build a product that enhances the shopping and lifestyle experience of Latinos online.

Story of 2Locos

2Locos.com is a story of a Latino couple, a husband and wife who were “locos” for online products, services, bargains and deals that would save them time and money. The couple has specific taste and desires based on cultural and family values that are adopted through their acculturation to mainstream America.